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Loyalty Program

When will I receive my points?

Our new point system will distribute your earned points after three weeks of your initial purchase. After this timeframe, you should have full access to your points.

Do points expire?

No, your points will not expire! If you happen to redeem more points than your order total, and can no longer use the discount code, please send us an email and we will be happy to help!. [email protected]

How Do I Redeem My Points?

See below for steps on how you can redeem your points!. Please be sure that you are signed in to your Wildflower account. Step 1: Go to the Wildflower Cases website homepage and click on the rewards pop-up in the right bottom corner. Step 2: Click on

Why won't my discount code/points work?

Discount codes cannot be used on sale items or collab cases. Furthermore, discount codes and codes generated from your redeemed points cannot be combined in a single order either. Our Collaboration cases include the following;. Wildflower x Emma Cham

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