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Why won't my discount code/points work?Updated 8 months ago

Discount codes cannot be used on sale items or collab cases. Furthermore, discount codes and codes generated from your redeemed points cannot be combined in a single order either.


Our Collaboration cases include the following;


Wildflower x Emma Chamberlain
Wildflower x Salem Mitchell
Wildflower x String Ting
Wildflower x Antonio Garza
Wildflower x Adeline Morin
Wildflower x Amanda Steele
Wildflower x Pizza Slime
Wildflower x Hannah Meloche
Wildflower x Jesse Jo Stark
Wildflower x Jordyn Jones
Wildflower x Remi Cruz
Wildflower x Claudia Sulewski
Wildflower x Tana Mongeau
Wildflower x Frankies Bikinis
Wildflower x Rickey Thompson
Wildflower x Sandy Liang
Wildflower x Nailea Devora 
Wildflower x Enya Umazor
Wildflower x Bretman Rock
Wildflower x Caroline Ricke
Wildflower x Taylor Giavasis
Wildflower x Realisation Par
Wildflower x Olivia O'Brien
Wildflower x About Face
Wildflower x Coachella
Wildflower x Petra Collins
Wildflower x Jaded London
Wildflower x Cierra Ramirez
Wildflower x Nessa Barrett

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