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What size iPhone do I have?Updated 4 months ago

iPhone Sizing Guide

Find the right size case for your iPhone

Navigate to Settings

On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > About

Apple iPhone Settings

In About, to the right of the "Model Name," you'll see the iPhone size. Order the same size Wildflower Case!

Apple iPhone Settings

More details below...

Some girls like a phone that's small, sleek, and stylish, while others prefer something with a bit of heft and a big enough screen to make watching movies with the girls a possibility. For Wildflower, every iPhone is a canvas for our limited edition cases, which is why we're going to dig super deep into the iPhone models we cover so you can pick the right size.

Why Choosing the Right Size Matters

There's many an iPhone model out there, and all have different sizes. And we're not just talking about the sizes of the phones themselves. iPhone display size, camera improvements, and the ability to accommodate larger batteries can all influence the choice you make when it comes to picking an iPhone.

"What's the big deal?" you ask us. "The iPhone size I have isn't that important, right?"

It does and for all of the following reasons:

Picking a Case
It's not so much that the size of your phone matters when picking a case and more that you know the size of your phone. To explain why, imagine buying your stunning new Wildflower case, only to find that it keeps slipping off your phone. Or, worse yet, that it doesn't even fit to begin with. If you've found the perfect Wildflower case, you need to make sure you have the phone to match.


Battery Life
The smallest iPhone models have excellent battery life because they don't have to power as much stuff (mostly your screen). Bigger iPhones may not have such a strong battery life, though this varies depending on the model, so you may lean toward a smaller phone if you need something that's going to last the whole night when you're out with the girls.

Screen Sizes
When you want an impromptu movie night with the girls and there isn't a TV in sight, your iPhone comes to the rescue. Or, at least it does as long as the phone has a big enough screen for you to watch your movies without feeling like you suddenly need glasses just to see what's going on.

Viewing Photos
You spent an eternity getting the right angles and lighting for your selfie, so you probably want a phone that showcases all of the effort you put in. All iPhones display photos well, but it's any with a bigger screen that highlights every little detail. A little hint - pixel density matters here, too.

Let us tell you a tale of two phones. One phone is huge, which is great for watching movies, but it feels like you're lugging a weight around in your purse when you're on a night out. The other has a smaller screen (and is a smaller phone) that makes it easy to carry. Comfort, girls, is often just as important as size.


The Sizes (And More) of Different iPhone Models

We could do the boring thing here and create a big iPhone size comparison chart that covers how the iPhone SE compares to the iPhone 14 and blah, blah, blah. But at Wildflower, the devil is in the details, as you'll see with every case that we create.

So, we're going to go one better than a chart. We'll cover the sizes (and all of the important specifications) of every phone for which we offer cases so you know exactly what you're getting when you spend your money on a new Apple iPhone.

iPhone 14
As one of the latest models of the iPhone, the iPhone 14 has almost everything that a girl could want in her phone. Starting with size, it measures 2.82 x 5.78 inches (71.5 x 146.7 mm), with a depth of 0.31 inches (7.8mm) to make it thick enough to feel tough without being so thick that it's uncomfortable in your hands.

That solid size means it has a 6.1-inch display, which isn't the largest iPhone display in the world but is certainly big enough to watch movies with. It also has a Super Retina XDR display, which is Apple's fancy way of telling you that the screen packs in so many pixels that you'll be able to pick out individual eyelashes in your selfies.

Fingerprints won't be a problem thanks to the oleophobic coating on the screen - which basically makes the screen so scared of smudges that you won't see any. And the cameras (both the back and front camera) are perfect for snapping selfies, and they even come with night mode so you don't lose any detail.

iPhone 14 Plus
For the girl who feels like bigger is always better, the iPhone 14 Plus is like a supersized version of the iPhone 14. Starting with size, it measures 3.07 x 6.33 inches (78.1 x 160.8 mm), so you're getting a bigger phone with a bigger screen. Depth is the same as the iPhone 14, too, so you don't have to deal with extra bulk just because you want a bigger screen.

A bigger phone means a larger display, with the iPhone 14 Plus offering a solid 6.7-inch OLED screen. But beyond that, there's not a whole lot to separate the Plus from its regular iPhone 14 counterpart.

So, this is the choice for girls who want larger phones without being too worried about their phones performing much better than the base models.

iPhone 14 Pro
The iPhone 14 Pro isn't the biggest iPhone on the market. It just about inches out (literally) the iPhone 14 when it comes to height, packing in 5.81 inches (147.5 mm), though it's actually just a touch narrower at 2.81 inches (71.5 mm). Depth is the same as the standard iPhone 14, and it also has a 6.1-inch display.

"So...why bother with the Pro if it's basically the same size as the iPhone 14?" you ask. Two words - Dynamic Island.

Every time Apple puts out a new iPhone, they try and bring something new and exciting to the table. The iPhone 14 Pro has Dynamic Island, which is a little pill-like area on the phone that isn't available on any other iPhones. It does some pretty fun stuff, too, like housing your camera display options and changing size for different types of notifications.

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Taking it to the "max" means you get a 3.05 x 6.33-inch phone (77.6 x 160.7 mm), which is about the same size as the iPhone 14 Plus. Both have 6.7-inch OLED displays, too, so there's little to choose between them there, either.

Again, that leads to a crucial question - why choose the iPhone 14 Pro Max model when the Plus is right there and is almost exactly the same size? The Pro Max has the Dynamic Island in the base Pro model, making it fun for girls who like to have unique little notification settings and want more control over their camera.

But it's the camera that's the real showpiece. The main camera is 48 megapixels (that's four times more than the iPhone Plus), with every other camera matching the 12 megapixels you get with the base iPhone 14 models. For the girl that loves snapping pics on a night out, you're not going to get much better.

Add in stuff like Portrait mode, Night mode, and a beautiful sapphire crystal lens cover, and you have a camera that's as good as anything the pros use.

iPhone 13
Moving on to the next iPhone model down from the iPhone 14, the iPhone 13 basically matches the 14 step for step when it comes to size. It's also 5.78 x 2.82 inches (146.7 x 71.5 mm), though it's just a touch thinner at 0.3 inches (7.65mm). The 13 has the same display size as the 14, too, so if size is all that matters to you, then the iPhone 13 may be a better choice just because it's smaller.

Moving on from screen size, Apple released the 13 with a Super Retina HD display, haptic touch, and both face ID and touch ID features. So, again, there's little to separate the iPhone 13 from the new phone in Apple's line-up there.

So, what's the point in getting the iPhone 14 if you already have the 13? For one, the iPhone 14 is just a smidge lighter, so it might feel more comfortable to carry around. But it's the presence of Photonic Engine technology (or lack of it in the case of the iPhone 13) that separates the two. That clever little engine is great for mid and low-light selfies because it touches them up for you.

iPhone 13 Mini
"Mini" by name isn't quite as mini by nature with the iPhone 13 Mini. Sure, it's smaller than the base model, coming in at 2.53 x 5.18 inches (61.2 x 131.5mm), and that translates to a 5.4-inch display instead of a 6.1-inch one. But that's not so much shrinkage that it's going to make a massive impact, as we think the screen is still large enough to watch videos and movies.

Beyond the smaller screen, you're getting most of the same stuff as you get with the iPhone 13. The camera has a cinematic mode (just like the iPhone 13) and the sim tray has a dual-sim setup if you want to have a physical sim and eSim.

Basically, you're losing out on an ultra-wide screen for an iPhone model that fits better in more petite hands or in smaller clutches. Perfect for those nights out with the girls.

iPhone 13 Pro
As you saw with the iPhone 14 base model and iPhone 14 Pro comparisons, screen size isn't what makes an iPhone "Pro." In other words, you're not getting one of the biggest iPhones ever with the iPhone 13 Pro because it matches the 5.78 x 2.82 inches (146.7 x 71.5 mm) of the base model, and has the same screen size, too.

So, you have two iPhones that seem the same and a choice to make. What makes the iPhone 13 Pro stand out?

Video wins the day. Or, more specifically, the ability to watch videos for longer with the Pro. With iPhone 13 Pro models, you get 22 hours of video playback versus the iPhone 13's 19 hours. If you're trying to squeeze out that last movie on low battery (or watch a few clips of your last night out), the Pro gives you more of a chance than the iPhone 13.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

If you're looking for the biggest iPhone Apple makes, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the one. It's just a touch larger than the 14 Pro range of iPhone models, measuring in at 6.33 x 3.07 inches (160.8 x 78.1 mm), and it has a beefy 6.7-inch display that'll put your smaller old iPhone to shame.

Of course, that extra size gives the iPhone 13 Pro Max a little more weight than smaller iPhone sizes, which is definitely something you'll want to consider if you want to add a Wildflower case to the phone. That extra weight can be a nightmare on a night out when you've danced so much that you feel exhausted.

Compared to the standard 13 Pro, the iPhone 13 Pro Max model doesn't do much different. It lasts a little longer (always a good thing, girls) when you're surfing the web. But it's all about bigger being better if you go for this iPhone.

iPhone 12/12 Pro
Moving into older iPhone territory, the iPhone 12 and its Pro model are the same when it comes to size. They both measure 5.78 x 2.82 inches (146.7 x 71.5 mm), and they're both 0.29 inches (7.4 mm) thick. You get a 6.1-inch OLED screen that plays and displays HD content easily.

For the selfie-takers out there, the camera is 12 megapixels for both and each has an ultra-wide setting for when you need to get up close and personal for some macro photography.

So, in terms of a pure iPhone size comparison, there's not a lot to choose between the iPhone 12 and later models. You're basically missing out on a bit of power and some newer features if you go for the 12 instead of a 13 or 14. And, of course, Wildflower has plenty of cases available for girls who are happy to keep things a little more old-school with their iPhones.

iPhone 12 Mini
The iPhone 12 Mini isn't the smallest iPhone that Apple sells (that prize goes to the iPhone 13 Mini and the iPhone SE), but it's still great for girls who want a phone that isn't going to leave creases or weigh down a clutch.

It's 5.18 x 2.53 inches (131.5 x 64.2 mm), so you're losing about half an inch of height compared to the base iPhone 12. That translates to a smaller screen, too, as you only get 5.4 inches with this iPhone.

Beyond that, there's not much to choose between the 12 and 12 Mini. Both have OLED displays, nice curves on the corners, and handy security features. The photographers among you will be disappointed to learn that the 12 Mini doesn't have the Apple ProRAW tech that Apple introduced with the iPhone 12 Pro, though.

iPhone 12 Pro Max
The Pro Max model of the iPhone 12 bumps things up a notch when it comes to size, with the phone being 6.33 x 3.07 inches (160.8 x 78.1 mm). That puts it in the same size bracket as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, but it's just a touch thinner. So, it's a little less bulky, but some girls might prefer the weight and feel of a thicker phone in their hands.

If you're choosing between the 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, screen size is a big factor, with the 12 Pro Max giving you an extra 0.6 inches. It's got a better camera, too, with a stronger zoom, as well as a battery that gives you an extra three hours of playback (20 hours versus 17).

iPhone 11
Interestingly, the iPhone 11 is a bit bigger than the iPhone 12, showing us that Apple went for a sleeker approach with its later model. It measures 5.94 x 2.98 inches (150.9 x 75.7 mm) and is a few fractions of an inch thicker than the iPhone 12. That extra size doesn't do anything for the screen, though, which is still 6.1 inches.

Basically, you're getting a thicker "border" around your screen than you get with the iPhone 12. So, there's a weird iPhone size comparison going on here because the iPhone 11 is bigger and heftier, though it's not big enough to influence the thing that really matters - your screen.

One thing to note is that the iPhone 11 has a liquid retina display rather than the OLED displays in later models. That may not mean much to most girls, but it does mean you get darker blacks in your photos. If you have an eye for the smallest details, the iPhone 11 may be a little behind the times (photography and display-wise) for your needs.

iPhone 11 Pro
Do you like drinking Pina Coladas and taking photos with your iPhone in the rain? We kinda butchered that, but we have a point to make - the iPhone 11 Pro handles rain and other wet weather better than the iPhone 11. Why? It has a stainless steel frame compared to the aluminum frame of the base phone.

In practice, that doesn't mean much beyond a slightly more water-resistant phone that is a little stronger and may feel slightly smoother to the touch. But work with us here, as there aren't a lot of differences beyond that with the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.

Coming back to size, the iPhone 11 Pro is just a touch smaller at 5.67 x 2.81 inches (144 x 71.4 mm), which translates to a screen that's 0.3 inches smaller than the base model. It packs a little more power, too.

iPhone 11 Pro Max
Where the iPhone 11 Pro shrunk things down, the iPhone 11 Pro Max goes in the exact opposite direction. It's massive. You get a 6.5-inch display (perfect for videos and photos), with the phone itself measuring 6.22 x 3.06 inches (158 x 77.8 mm).

That doesn't quite make it the most hefty iPhone (the iPhone 13 Pro Max takes that trophy). But it's still a pretty big phone.

An upgrade to the screen is the biggest reason to choose the Pro Max above the base iPhone 11, as you get an upgrade from liquid retina to the OLED displays we see in the later models. But it's all about the size with this iPhone, making it one of the frontrunners on any iPhone comparison chart.

iPhone XR
If you're looking for an iPhone XR, you're going to have to go with a reseller or a store that sells old iPhones because Apple discontinued it in 2021. It's also a step down from the iPhone 11 in a few ways, not least because it offers an hour less battery life (at least, according to Apple).

Size-wise, it falls into the middle of the pack. The phone is 5.94 x 2.98 inches (150.9 x 75.7 mm), with a 6.1-inch screen that's pretty much the standard for Apple's base models right now.

What makes the XR so special is that it was a slightly downgraded version of the iPhone X and 10 models. "Why is that so special? Why would I want less?" you ask us. For girls shopping on a budget, it's a great choice, even if it's not quite as powerful as its big sisters.

iPhone X/XS
Here's the interesting thing when comparing the iPhone X and XS to the XR - the XR may be cheaper, but it's actually a bit bigger than the X and XS models. Of course, that means different things to different girls. Some of you prefer a chunkier phone because it's a bigger canvas for your gorgeous Wildflower cases, while others want something sleek and compact.

The X and XS models are both the same size - 5.65 x 2.79 inches (143.6 x 70.9 mm) - and both have 5.8-inch displays. The only real differences lie in the display quality (Apple claims a 60% greater dynamic range for the XS) and the fact that the XS introduced dual sim tech, which is now the standard on later models.

Beyond that, there's not much different when you peek under the hood. All the more reason to use a Wildflower case to make your phone stand out from the crowd, right girls?

iPhone XS Max
Apple ramped up the size with the iPhone XS Max (at least when compared to the standard XS), boosting the device to 6.2 x 3.05 inches (157.5 x 77.4 mm). That translates to a massive 6.5-inch screen, though you have to account for the extra bulk all of this means.

Girls with slender hands might find the XS Max difficult to handle. If a phone's hard to handle, it's easy to drop, and we don't want any of you walking around with shattered screens because you're iPhone size queens.

Battery life can be a problem as well, as the iPhone XS Max sacrifices a little to make up for having such a large screen.

iPhone SE/6/7/8
Like Tim in "About Time," we're traveling a long way back to look at an interesting point in Apple's production approach. The iPhone SE, 6, 7, and 8 all have something different going on behind the screen. But when it comes to size, they're all almost exactly the same - 5.45 x 2.65 inches (138.4 x 67.3 mm), with just fractions of an inch difference in thickness.

At first glance, those sizes seem similar to Apple's later base iPhone model. And they are, though with the key difference that you get a much smaller screen (4.7 inches) compared to later models.

Shrinking down the internal tech has come a long way and these models were released right before Apple figured things out enough to offer bigger screens while keeping the phones the same approximate size.

iPhone SE/6/7/8 Plus

It's crazy to think that Apple's older Plus phones were once the go-to option for girls who wanted bigger phones and larger screens to go with them. These days, the 5.5-inch screens in these phones don't quite measure up to the standard 6-inch-plus screens we see in newer iPhones, though they're more than big enough for stuff like texting and looking at photos.

Screen growth means phone growth, too, with the iPhone 6, 7, and 8 Plus models all coming in at 6.22 x 3.06 inches (158.2 x 77.9 mm). So, they're bulky. Really bulky when compared to later models. But we love them all the same, and (just like every other model in this list) Wildflower has plenty of cases available for your trusty older Plus models.


Love Your Phone with a Gorgeous Wildflower Case
Wow, that was a long article, right? Let's sum it up for you.

If you're looking for the biggest iPhones around (and the biggest canvases for your Wildflower cases), you're usually going to need the Plus or Max models. There are some exceptions, such as the older Plus models being about the same size as today's base iPhones, but it's still a good rule of thumb.

iPhone Minis give you something smaller and sleeker, as the name suggests, but you often lose a bit of power to make up for the frame shrinkage. And the base models offer a middle point if you want something that's big enough.

With all of that said, there's only one thing left to do - make your phone unmistakably you with a beautiful Wildflower case.

The eagle-eyed girls out there will probably already have noticed that there are links in the information for every phone size that you can follow to check out the stunning limited edition cases we have waiting for you. Follow them or head to the "Shop by Size" link at the top of the page to shop for some of the most unique phone cases available.

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