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Applying Accessories

How do I apply my AirPods Case?

1. Peel off the sticker. 2. Place the blue tabs on the top and bottom of the covers. 3. Place the covers in AirPods Pro Gen 2. 4. Press down until secure!

How do I apply my Camera Bling?

1. Peel off the backing. 2. Affix the bling on top of the iPhone camera lens so that it sticks. 3. Once stuck to your lens, pop the bling out of the applicant and onto lens. Make sure each bling is secure!

How to remove AirPod covers

All AirPod accessories come with a small black tool, that can be used to help remove the AirPod covers. A how-to video on how to remove this accessory can be viewed by clicking the link below!.

What to do when experiencing trouble applying camera bling

If you are experiencing trouble applying your camera Bling as instructed, there is an alternate way to apply. Removing the camera bling individually from its packaging can be applied one by one onto your lenses. If you are still experiencing trouble,

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